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Magnetic collet


Memory Semiconductor and Fingerprint Sensor Chip Pick up & Attach improves the void phenomenon. The combined role of back metal makes it easier to remove and attach the tool stably by magnetic force, and maintain flatness in the Attach process.


We are producing stable and high quality products with precise processing of Back Metal and Silicon Rubber with flatness of less than 5μm.

We have a variety of custom vacuum line designs ready to fit Various custom vacuum line designs are ready to fit per customer PKG or request.

Silicon Rubber collet


It is a soft silicon-based collet that can be applied as a pick-up water target, such as Scratch and Crack. It is manufactured by mold and is easy for mass production.


  • It is possible to implement the smallest domestic type Vacuum Hole 80um so that the smallest chip size pick up less than 100um can be done.
  • It is optimized for the work which can endure the high temperature and the improvement of sticky phenomenon, and it is possible to extend the life time (life time) by developing the durable material.
    It is possible to implement customizing shapes of various designs
  • Customer development request completion schedule includes sample development, design, mold, product production within 10 days

Rubber collet Holder

Plastic collet


Metal and Silicon It is a medium hardness material and it is a high functional resin with high molecular structure. It is excellent in abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, chemical stability, insulation, tensile property and is suitable for shape processing.


Various special design shapes can be processed by precision machining technology and it can be manufactured in a short time according to customer schedule.

Metal Collet


  • Metal has excellent hardness compared to plastic series and has excellent durability, so it can achieve the best life time and precise shape processing.
  • Aluminum – Stainless – Tungsten carbide can be selected according to hardness.


According to our own precision processing equipment, it is possible to process various special design shapes by technology.

Ceramic Collet


Ceramic material is a non-metallic solid of inorganic compound, and can work reliably in nonconductivity and resistance to electrical properties.


Vacuum hole processing can be applied to miniature chip pick up applications such as Mini Micro LED.

Ejector Pin


The ejector pin is an auxiliary tool for chip pick up attached to the mounting tape and is applied to three kinds of products (general, thin film, small die) suitable for various applications.


  • HISS
  • Tungsten Carbide
Available in both standard and custom sizes. If your requirements differ from our standard sizes, customized production is also possible. With MSWKOREA technology, it is possible to customize the length tolerance of less than 5μm.

Ejector Cap & Holder

Epoxy Drum


AD830 / AD8930 / Etc


  • In addition to the progress of new production, it is possible to RECYCLING with the current product REPAIR.
  • Disassembly, assembly, parts replacement, flatness reset

Epoxy Pin


Epoxy adhesive liquid is dotted according to die size to enable stable and fast production speed.


  • It is possible to process various special design shapes by our own precision processing technology, and it is also possible for short-term schedule according to customer’s production request.
  • It has processing technology ability of 1pin ~ 24pin multi pin, so it can process ultrafine shape according to customer’s requirement.

Clamp & Block